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How to Make Your Brow Lamination Last Longer

You’ve just had your brow lamination treatment and can’t get enough of that fresh brow feeling. Now, how do you care for them to make your brow lamination last longer? Here are our top recommendations for keeping your laminated brows looking their best until your next appointment.

Can I brush my brows after brow lamination?

You should avoid brushing or touching your brows for the first 24 hours, but after you can absolutely brush them. In fact, it’s encouraged. You don’t need a special brow lamination brush; just a quick brush through with your good old spoolie brush in the morning to keep your brows in your desired position.

Can I wash laminated brows?

You should avoid your brows coming into contact with water or steam for 24 hours after your treatment. What happens if you do get your brows wet? It can impact the lamination process, meaning you don’t get as great results as you expected. It’s only for 24 hours, so do try your best.

How do I sleep after brow lamination?

Laminated brows might look messy after sleeping but don’t worry, that’s completely normal. The hairs are not fixed in place so can move around, however a quick brush through when you wake up will get them back into your desired position.


What products should I use after brow lamination?

Brow lamination is a chemical process, so it’s important that you use products that care for and protect the brow hairs, just as you would with your hair. Conditioning serums such as our Brow Grow Gold Oil will not only strengthen and nourish the hairs, but also promote new growth of hair.

To help maintain that freshly laminated look until your next appointment, an ultra-strong eyebrow gel like Brow Gel is an ideal product to have.

Can I fill in my brows after brow lamination?

Yes, but not for the first 24 hours. Your Stylist will wax and/or thread your brows as part of the treatment and the follicles will remain open afterwards. Applying additional products around the brow area during this period may cause irritation, including spots and bumps. After 24 hours, feel free to apply whatever products you like to fill in your brows. After brow lamination, clear gels and fine tipped pencils work really nicely to keep that soft, natural and fluffy finish.


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